All You Need Is Love {Day Five}

Friday, February 11, 2011

Chaos Theory

I know I've said it every day of this challenge so far,
but you guys are AMAZING!
Seriously - the comments? the new followers?
the sheer number of people linking up?
It's so much more than Sam, Neely, or I thought was possible when we were coming up with this swap and challenge! We were hoping for maybe 20 of you to join? But the fact that most days have had over 80 of you joining? Wow! The love, guys, I feel it!

That being said, let's get into today's topic, shall we?

Day Three
What I {LOVE} About My Friends Is...

This has to be the hardest day for me,
because my answer is simply:

I love everything about my friends.
I am seriously so blessed to have the people who I call friends in my life.
A phone call on a bad day.
A phone call on a good day.
Hanging out in the sunshine.
Grabbing a cup of coffee.
A silly email.
A serious email.
Letters in the mail.
It's impossible for me to enumerate all the things I love about them.
So, I'll do it in pictures:

dunno about you, but mom&dad are my best friends :) (Rome, 2006)

Me, Sallie, Katie (Clockwise) fencing in Moscow, Russia (Circa 2005)

I've known Kira since I was 13 - NCAAs (2004)

Me & Morgan -College Roomie! (2004)

Me & Sallie Snow Day in Chapel Hill (2004)

Lori & Me At Harry Potter 7 Release (2007)

Katie & Me - My Senior Year Fencing Banquet (2007)

New Years Eve - Erica, Morgan & Me (2006)

Phoenix Is My Best Friend Too - Baby Kitty! (2006)

Stephie & Me - Friends since I was 14ish (2006)

Carrie & Me at a Durham Bulls Game (2009)

Roomie Morgan & Me (& Cosmic) On Our Way To The Beach (2009)

Kendra, Me, & Kristen - Friends Since 2nd Grade! (2009)

Me & Sanja (2007)

Kendra & Me in Chapel Hill (2007)

Going through all these pictures
has made me miss all my friends SO MUCH!
I see a lot of phonecalls being made soon!

To all of my friends who read this,
know one thing more than anything else:

What do you love about your friends?
Link up, let us know!


  1. Yaay! I'm SO excited for this question... I used a buttload of pictures too.. I hope everyone does! Awesome topic idea! :)

  2. Fun pictures! I"m glad you included mom and dad : )

  3. So sweet you included your parents! :) Made me miss my friends too when I posted. ;)

  4. I think it's awesome you thought to include you're Mom and Dad. How special. : ] And loved all the pictures!


  5. Friends are wonderful people, love looking back on pictures.!

  6. Love this! Looks like you have some great friends!


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