Daydreams & Hodgepodge

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So I had this big plan to do this whole challenge.
I really wanted to.
But then this thing called "present a chapter of your thesis" came up.
And well,
it was all downhill from there.

But today?
Today I cannot not play along!

I love travel!
I love to daydream about travel!

And today's question?
Where would you go on Spring Break if you could?

I know, I just went to Madrid -
but a girl has to have dreams, right?

So, where would I go next?


I need a vacation,
where all there really is to do is lay on a beach,
and eat amazing food.

how can you not want to go here:

So I have been missing Wednesday HodgePodge days!
So sad! I love HodgePodges!

1. Favorite Spring Activity?

Sitting in the sunshine
with good friends,
a good cup of coffee,
and a lot of laughter.

2. Who would you want to cook for you?

That's a loaded question.
And I have no idea the answer to it.
Right now I'd kill for my dad to make me a grilled cheese.

3. When did you last fly a kite?

Far too long ago.
This may need to be remedied at camp this summer

4. What topic puts you to sleep?


5. Flowers for people?places?events?

Not really.
Black Eyed Susans remind me of summer.

6. Historical events in elementary school?

The Cold War officially ended when I was 7.
OJ was arrested when I was 9.
The Rwanda genocide when I was 9, as well.
The Oklahoma City Bombing happened when I was 10.
Hale-Bopp was visible when I was 12 (and Dolly was cloned!).
And Clinton was impeached when I was 13.

7. Swearing or pseudo-swearing?

Sometimes, but not often at all.
If I hurt myself,
or am really really really really upset about something
they might slip out,
but, I'm not a fan.

8. Random thought?
I am so ready to be done with this thesis!

all images from we[heart]it


  1. I hope reading all the historical events today doesn't make me feel old : )

    I've been to Capri. We have 7+ inches of snow with more falling as I type...I could use a trip to Capri right about now too.

    Good luck with your thesis!

  2. I'm with Joyce. You young gals are going to make my bones creak with your "historical" memories! LOL

    Good luck on the thesis.

  3. Is the picture of the rocks Capri? Los Cabos, Mexico has similar rocks. I long for either place right now.

  4. Another "oldie" blogger here! I remember when all of the things on your time line happened--while I was middle aged :)

  5. I would like to go to Capri now, too. I didn't know how gorgeous it was until you just posted those picture. Oh shoot. More to dream about. Are you going to go while you're over there? Please please post pictures. Your pictures are amazing...

    And all those historical events are crazy. I'm about your age, so I was around that age as well. It's crazy to think how much can happen in such a short time that we don't even think about until looking back at something like you just did. Hm...and I remember it all, too. Except the Rwandan genocide. I don't remember that because the media doesn't cover stuff like that...isn't it sad?

  6. Oh my...thesis? Wow! I am working through teaching certification classes, and they are t-o-u-g-h. I, too, am so ready to be finished!!

  7. That photo with the fan and kites is so darn cute! My son majored in Philosophy and graduated with honors. I don't know what got him so interested in it. Wow, you are young, I imagine your close to my childrens ages. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  8. You and your travels.. makes me so jealous :) Capri looks amazing!! You must go now!
    Thanks so much for playing along girl!

  9. Thesis? Get it girl. Almost there!

  10. Capri is gorgeous! I went there a few years ago with my sister, beautiful!

  11. Ok.... now I NEED to go to Capri. Seriously. How do I convince my husband? :)
    Love your blog!


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