Is It Summertime Yet?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I know I thought last summer was my last chance at spending all day, every day outside in the clean air and sunshine. I signed on to work at a summer camp in the middle-of-nowhere New Hampshire thinking it was a one summer only sort of deal.

That seems to be not quite the case!

I'm going back to camp this summer and I CANNOT wait.

Here's a little taste of why:

A few facts about me at summer camp:

- my name is "Bean" (From Ender's Shadow)
- i rock as many *Nsync & BSB tshirts as possible
- i get sad when i shower because it means i am washing off my tan
- taking a trip to Dunkies is the highlight of some days
- i dont have a use for airconditioning
- i windsurf at least once a week
- i get cranky campers up at 5am for sunrise canoes
- the most important daily decisions include what colors to put in a friendship bracelet (and what pattern to try out)
- i sing crazy songs at the top of my lungs before every meal
- i get to spend all day, every day with some of the craziest, most awesome people ever
- i get to make a difference in a lot of kids lives - the last day of a session when i get a hug and a little girl says "Beans! I'm going to miss you SO much! You're the best counselor EVER! here have my favorite sillyband!" is the best thing to ever happen to me. every. single. time.

Oh. And I missed my "blogaversary!"
Happy 2 years of blogging to me!


  1. Awesome! That sounds like a fun Summer you have lined up!! Happy Anniversary too!

  2. Summer camp is where some of my best memories come a camper and a counselor. Sounds like fun!


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