March Sadness

Monday, March 28, 2011

I live in a house divided.
Dad - UK Alum
Me - UNC Alum
Mom - "Impartial" (would rather see UNC>UK)

Last night, Dad's team won. Sigh.
Kentucky Wildcats in the Final Four
Versus UConn
(which is also hard - growing up in New England
I know a bunch of people that went to UConn,
not to mention both my parents are from CT.
Needless to say,
This tournament has been a rough one!
But aren't they every year?)

Mind you,
this is also the first March Madness game
that I have been able to watch in two years.
Clearly I should have picked an earlier game!
My Heart Attack Heels were back in the house.

My Tar Heels,
they weren't even supposed to make it this far!
ACC Outright Champs?
Elite Eight?

Not too shabby for a predominantly freshman team, no?
Now, if all of them will just hang around for another year,
next year could be 2009 all over again.



  1. I'm a UNC alum too! While it was definitely a disappointment yesterday, I couldn't have been prouder of the team. Such a fantastic turnaround from last year. :)

  2. For being a bunch of baby boys, the UNC team looked GREAT. Once they grow into themselves and mold together, they'll be great!

  3. Oh dear oh dear. I am a Dukie. This year was a rough one for me too ha

  4. It could be worse, I married a Dookie. I know you like her Courtney, so it's not all bad.


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