HodgePodge: Project Procrastination

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

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Since I'm trying to get back into thesis-writing pretty hard-core today, HodgePodge is a perfect way to get a moment to blog. For those keeping score: I'm back in Budapest. My pockets are much lighter, but my heart, soul, and camera are quite full. It was an amazing trip, which I am trying to figure out how the heck I'm going to be able to blog it all! Seriously.

So, to procrastinate from both thesis and blogging I present.....

1. What are you plans for Easter?

Sadly they will probably only include writing my thesis. I hope to get out for a run though (if the weather cooperates), to enjoy the spring and everything that comes with Easter. Oh and gorge on candy. Because. I. Can.

2. Besides Jesus, who would you like the meet from the Bible? Why?

I was wavering on this one. Mary Magdalene? Peter?
Then I realized: Judas.

Not your typical answer, right?
But really, I'd like to hear his side of the story.
He's been the scapegoat for so long,
so recognized as the evil figure of the Bible,
so many phrases and superstitions rose up out of his bad name.
But was he a bad guy? Or just a guy with a bad rep?

3. One modern convenience that you didn't have as a child that was easy to live without?

The internet.
God, it's so nice, so convenient.
I'm so glad to have it,
to keep up with some friends I would have lost,
to make new friends (like you!),
to get answers in a snap.

But really?
Life pre-internet? So much easier.
Handwritten letters,
news on paper and on TV only,
etc, etc, etc.

I guess I didn't miss it,
because I didn't know it.

But now people cannot get off of it.
I hate when I'm at dinner and a friend checks their email
(though, i've been known to do that on occasion
when on vacation,
but mostly to alert my parents that yes, i am still alive and safe
and I feel bad every.single.time. i do it.)

4. More Left or Right Brained?

According to the Quiz Joyce posted
I am:
51% Left Brained
49% Right Brained
I like to think that means I am using both sides to their greatest capacity. But, it makes sense to me. I am an equal split in interests - Medieval History MA with plans to go to Med School? How else would that be possible?

5. Something you intended to do today, but didn't? Why?

It's too early in the day to fully answer that question,
but if I have to look into the future,
I think either finishing this paper or going for a run won't happen,
though I would love for both of them to.

6. Cadbury Cream Eggs or Reeses Peanyt Butter?

All the way.

Cadbury Cream eggs are gross.
(Though I did buy some Cadbury Caramel eggs in Heathrow yesterday;
I do love those)

7. Favorite cartoon character as a kid?

Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers
I loved Chip & Dale
and I don't think I can separate them out
to tell you who I liked better ;)

8. Random Thought?

I'm seriously trying to figure out how to get back to London/Cambridge.
I LOVED it there. So. Much.

and that thesis?
Due in about a month and 3 days.

first 4 images via we[heart]it
last image: via ME :)


  1. I'm gonna need details! And pictures!

    Happy Easter : )

  2. Enjoy your holiday, take that run, take a bit of a break from the thesis. You will have time to finish when the holiday is over. Happy Easter!

  3. Judas was a great answer! I'd love to hear his side of the story too. I've heard one theory that it wasn't a betrayal of Christ but that he had been selected for the task. But...I wonder... For some many years Mary Madelene has been cast as a prostitute and it has only been lately that it was recognized that she wasn't a prostitute but it was an misunderstanding of scripture but a Pope long, long ago.

  4. Thesis...oh my...I feel for you.

    I'm working on my education certification classes, and they are hard, to say the least. I think I'll be skipping grad school.


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