So, This One Time I Went To Madrid

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

You may remember a while back I posted about a trip to Spain I was taking. You may also remember the promises I made to post about that trip, so that you all could see what a pretty place Madrid is. Well, my friends, I need a reason to procrastinate from writing my thesis that day has finally come!

Madrid is a beautiful place. I, honestly, could have spent my four days just wandering around the city with camera in hand instead of actually going to any of the museums. Don't get me wrong, the museums (hello! the Prado?) are amazing and were totally worth my time and money (btw - if you have a student ID? the modern art museum lets you in for free!). But there is just something about that city that just makes you want to be there and feel it. I don't know how to do that feeling justice with words, so I'll let the pictures do some talking for me.

The First day I went to this HUGE flea market - supposedly one (if not the) biggest in Europe. It was crazy. Full of kitchy things and junk, but I managed to find a few cool things: a car frame for my dad, and a print of a bullfighter and an owl necklace for me. This was crazy busy and huge - so I didn't stay long!

My friend Adam joined me for the last two days of my trip and we pretty much wandered our way (and ate too, probably) through the city. We went to the two major art museums for a good portion of the time. But we also sought out the Temple of Debod - an ancient Egyptian temple that was transported to Madrid. It was seriously beautiful! And they built this nice little park around it too. Probably one of my favorite spots in the city. The views over the hill and the temple itself; it was gorgeous.

And, OHMYGOD! the FOOD! I seriously could have eaten my way through that city. Everything was delicious and there were so many options for things to eat. Tapas have always been a favorite of mine - I'm indecisive, I like being able to pick a few things to eat (and to share!) rather than committing to one meal. Madrid? DELICIOUS tapas. Oh wow. I somehow managed to find this super busy and full little "market" my first afternoon there. It looks like a food market - but each stall sells a different type of food (croquetas, sangria, olives, etc). I wandered around for a while just sampling everything I could afford!

Can I just go back and eat again? Please?


  1. You know how much I want to go there...and how jealous I was you were there! ;) These pics are awesome and I so need some of that tapas...or a little more than just some. All of it maybe?!


  2. It all looks wonderful. I am sure I would enjoy Madrid. Thanks for sharing your great photos.

  3. Oh, that food looks amazing!
    Enjoy England and Ireland. Where are you visiting?

  4. How many gas masks can one flea market have?!


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