The In Between

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I just realized I have less than a month left in my Great European Adventure. Is that crazy to anyone else? As cliché as it sounds, I really feel like I was writing this post yesterday, excited about the possibilities, just getting started on this new segment of my life.

And now? I'm about to say goodbye to that part of my life. I'm honestly at a loss for words over the whole thing. It's crazy. Time flies faster and faster very day that I get closer to leaving. It's really weird to think I won't be going on another transatlantic flight come September. Those long trips have become part of my routine, so even that's strange!

I do know I'm going back to camp this summer. That's going to be totally awesome, and I honestly cannot wait for that to begin. A lot of my friends are coming back, so I've got a good group to hang out with all summer. It's nice to have a healthy dose of nonsense in your life once in a while!

I still am not quite sure of where I'm going next with my life after camp. But I'm pretty sure whatever it is, it'll be awesome. And I'm pretty sure you'll be reading all about it (and the decision making process to get me to there!)!

So, here's to doors opening and closing, and the life that comes in between!


  1. Transitions are like roller coasters : ) Enjoy this last month and best of luck as you figure out the next chapter!

  2. I have no doubt that your next adventure will be just as amazing!

  3. Time is weird isn't it? How it seems to stretch out ahead of you, and then all of a sudden 10 years has gone by and you still feel the same.

    I hope your last few weeks are amazing. You've still got a great adventure ahead of you I'm sure!


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