Happy Birthday Dad!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I haven't been the best blogger as of late, sorry. The end of the school year - finishing and turning in my thesis - kind of got in the way of writing on much of anything other than my thesis topic. And now I've been focused on defending that thesis (4pm, tomorrow). But, that aside I wanted to get one important blog post written, that I should have done last week.

You see, June 7 was my daddy's birthday! It's days like that - holidays, birthdays - that I miss being home SO much. I really just wanted to be home last tuesday and enjoy some birthday pie with my parents.

You have to understand - I'm an only child. That means (among other things) that my parents are my world. And, me? Daddy's little girl. Totally. My dad is amazing. He's my rock. He's not only an amazing father, but an amazing person all around. He was in the Air Force, he now is a nurse in the NICU (and is AMAZING at his job), and he just has the biggest heart of any man I've ever met.

And, on top of that - we have a great time whenever we're together. Be jealous. I have the BEST family.

Happy Birthday Dad!


  1. How sweet! Happy birthday to your daddy :)

  2. Sweet post! Happy Birthday to your dad...he shares a birthdate with my oldest so June 7 is a happy day in our house too: )


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