Better Late Than Never {Vol. 3: London}

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

So, back in April I went on that crazy trip around the UK&Dublin.
I've told you about Cambridge.
I've told you about Dublin.
Here's my post on London!
(yes, FINALLY!)

It's going to be a bit picture heavy,
which I tend to like more than a rambling account,
but there's gonna be some talk too,
so don't you worry.

I went to London
a) to see it & experience it
b) to visit a friend, CE, from camp last year

It was worth every second on both accounts,
I really, really love England:
a lot more than I expected.

CE and I just wandered around both days that we had together.
Saw things I wanted to see, saw things she wanted to see.
Went to the British Museum,
ate Fish & Chips,
went on a "Jack the Ripper Walking Tour" from a company that Joyce @ From This Side of the Pond suggested to me (which was awesome, btw, thanks again Joyce!),
took way too many pictures,
and had SO much fun.

way too expensive for a ride,
but quite nice for a picture

our first day was the London Marathon
which meant streets were closed to traffic
it was amazing.

be warned,
this is the Tower Bridge,
NOT the London Bridge

a double decker bus,
with a HP promo?
how perfect!

me & CE
and Parliament

Big Ben & A Bobbie

for the record,
THAT'S the London Bridge

These are a few of my favorite things:
FiveFingers, Starbucks, and Einstein

Just a week before
the Royal Wedding :)

On the Jack the Ripper Tour

Basically, it was an awesome two days.
and for someone who never really planned on a trip to England,
I would totally recommend taking the time for a trip.
I LOVED Londontown.

(And later you'll get Serbia, Poland, Prague, and much, much more!)


  1. I absolutely love London! :) I wish I could go there every weekend and just chill and have a blast! ;)

    Love your pics girl.

  2. I've always wanted to visit London! My uncle is there right now...hmmm...

    And I think I would love the Jack the Ripper tour! SO COOL.


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