So, What You Doin' For The Rest Of Your Life?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Guess who doesn't have an answer to that question just yet?
Yeah, me.

I don't feel so bad about that, actually
(sorry, mom and dad!).

However, I'm actively looking many directions,
PhD, Post-Bacc Pre-Med, etc,
and sending out emails to professors, coordinators, and students.

But today I sent the scariest email of all:
an inquiry to some professors at Cambridge.

Yes, Cambridge.
As in England.
As in the University of Cambridge.
As in one of the first and best universities.
As in:

Holy Crud!
Who am I?!

Also, if you have a moment,
please send out a prayer/good thought/good karma/etc
to a family friend Mr. U,
who is 94,
who is in essence one of my grandfathers,
and is strongly loved by many.
He had surgery today,
so if you could lift him up in your thoughts,
I'd be grateful.


  1. Most definitely saying a prayer for your friend!

  2. I vote yay on Cambridge : ) Praying all went well with your friend.


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