Adventures in Waitressing {1}

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Remember that time I started a new job waitressing at a sports bar and forgot to write on the blog?

Yeah, sorry about that guys.

But here, I've got a post for you! It'll probably become some sort of regular venting session about things that you (as non-serving folk) should know about us (the servers), which might inform you about what it really means to go out and eat.

So, here we go:

1) While we (at our restaurant) hate to throw the kitchen staff under the bus... if your food comes out cold it's not the server's fault. Really. Don't punish your server (ie. leave a bad tip, or no tip) because of something that is not their fault. You can't hurt the kitchen by pissing off your server.

2) Don't come to a restaurant with a plan to get drunk. Particularly a big-name, corporate sort of place. We have rules about serving which involve cutting you off if it looks like you're getting a little too close to tipsy. That being said, don't get mad when I card you - take a tip from most people, be flattered. Because when you get mad when I ID you? I automatically assume you're not 21 and have a fake. Just saying.

3) Tip off of the food you ordered. Did something on your bill get comped because it came out wrong? Or a manager was being nice? Or for any other sort of reasons? Just because you don't have to pay for the food doesn't mean that the server didn't do all the work for that food - taking your order, putting the order in, bringing it to you, etc.

4) INTERACT WITH US. Seriously, most servers are doing their job because they like people. When you ignore us or don't talk to us much? We get sad. Really. The tips are nice, yes. And we judge you if you're a lousy tipper, but I'd take a table full of awesome people who leave me 20% and make me laugh all night over a table of stuffy people who don't want me around that leave me 20+% - okay? Get it?

So, that's it for now.
Questions? Comments?

Happy Christmastime everyone!


  1. All I can say is--- FINALLY someone who knows what I'm sayin'! Believe it or not, in 4 years of waitressing, I've yet to find a fellow server out there. Just people who laugh at my bird stories or listen to my customer whines. But not people who can look beyond the sort-of humor and see actually how frustrating certain scenarios can be. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE waitressing, and even after I go into nursing, I plan to continue doing it on the side, but shiiit yo, sometimes.. just, sometimes. Lol.

  2. "if your food comes out cold it's not the server's fault."

    Actually it can be if your server forgot to bring it to you or they were too busy chit chatting instead of doing their job.

    "3) Tip off of the food you ordered. Did something on your bill get comped because it came out wrong?"

    Only if it wasn't the server's fault. If it was, WHY should we? If you gave bad service, you should get a bad tip or maybe if it's a huge mistake, no tip.


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