Working My Way Back

Saturday, September 1, 2012

.... to blogging that is.

I was really excited a few weeks ago when I did my last book update post. Because, I really really really enjoy blogging. The connections, the friendships, the outlet to highlight the awesome things (and the not-so-awesome things) I have had the chance to do with my life. Granted, over a year ago things were a lot more exciting (hello, Europe! exciting things every! day!) and I had a fair amount of "spare" time to sit down and document them.

And this summer? It was pretty darn exciting! I canoed down a whitewater river for six days! I climbed Mt. Washington (all 6,288 feet of it!)! I ran around in the sunshine and made summer an exciting time for a great group of girls!

But I never had a moment to breathe and pass on how cool it was to anyone else. Ask my parents, they know exactly how little I got to do anything other than camp! So, as I get back into life at the school I'm working at, I will slowly get back into this little world of blogging. Because? Really? I miss it, and I miss you all!

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