Monday, January 21, 2013

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It's always funny to me how a few days off from updating the blog ends up feeling like a lifetime. I mean, I posted on Wednesday. That was 5 days ago. But it feels like forever. It feels like the beginning of a rut. But it's not, I promise. I just am trying to post when I have meaningful things to say (or books to review!) and trying to make sure that life comes before blogging about life. You know?

So, these past five days I was simply enjoying being at home, hanging out with my parents like I used to before college and jobs and grad school and more jobs. Like I used to when life was a lot more simple and I had no idea what the meaning of 'bills' was. As adults we don't have a lot of time given to us to just be with our parents. We take vacations home or parents take vacations to wherever we happen to be at the time, but no matter what you do they're all to quick in passing. I've been home over a month, just enjoying life with my parents. I'm that girl who will never ever ever grow up. 

Remember how my word to focus on for 2013 is NOW

Well, that's where I've been living. And I've been loving it so far. 

I packed up my car and left home this afternoon to head back up to Maine. Got my Starbucks and hit the open (well, littered with traffic) road. And tomorrow I go back to the real world. Or, as close to the 'real world' as my life seems to get these days. 

I miss home already. 


  1. I live an hour away from my parents and sometimes take it for granted. It's nice being able to go "home" whenever I want (which is every weekend lol).

    Glad you enjoyed yourself with your parents :)

  2. I'm the girl that will never ever grow up either!!!


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