Oh! The Hodgepodge!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I forgot to Hodgepodge last week.
How sad is that? Really.
But, I'm back now - and that's what matters, right?
So, Let's Go!

1. All is fair in love and war. True or False?

I think John Lyly got it wrong. 
Really wrong.

Not all things are fair in love.
Not all things are fair in war.

We just need to try and all be good people. 
And that's enough for me.

2. Cereal? Yea or Nay?

Mostly Nay.
Holy Moly that's a lot of sugar!

My parents never kept cereal in the house, ever.
I'll eat it from time to time now as a snack.
But never with milk. 
Gross. Who likes soggy grains?

3. A 5 Year Old playing with a Hello Kitty Bubble Gun: Suspended. Thoughts?



Are you kidding me?
Yes, we need gun control.
But a 5 year old talking about playing with a bubble gun?!
What are we coming to?

4. Whatever happened to ___________?

Devon Sawa


What happened to him?

Also, as a random aside: Jonathan Taylor Thomas turned THIRTY
This is something that actually makes me feel old.

5. What's the last thing you signed your name to?

A check I wrote my mom. 
Exciting life I've got here.

6. Ever been to Philly? Any interest in going?

A few times, for fencing.
Once for a recruiting visit to Temple.
Though, I don't think I ever saw the things you're supposed to see in Philly.
Maybe I'll go back some day...

7. Share something funny a child has said.

Oh. My. God.

Um.... I cannot for the life of me think of one right now.

8. Random Thought:

I really ought to go back and finally write about the last bits of my European Adventures.
Right? It's only been over a year (I returned Stateside June 2011)!
I should get on that. Someone remind me tomorrow...


  1. Who in the world is Devon Sawa? Doesn't ring a bell. Jonathan Taylor Thomas turned 30? Oh.My.Goodness!

  2. I had to google Devon Sawa. I never saw Casper so maybe thats why? I feel like Ive seen JTT more recently because he was on 8 Simple Rules and I loved that show. Course, its old too!

    Yes-recap your European adventures. Youll be glad you wrote it all down one day.


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