January's Last Hodgepodge!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Writing the title of this post just freaked me out a little. Or quite a bit, actually. Where did January go? Weren't we all just getting out our sparkly best for NYE and toasting to the end of 2012? How are we almost already done with January 2013? Sheesh, time really does fly by sometimes. 

Freakout aside, let's get on with the HodgePodge!

1. The SuperBowl is this Sunday. Last thing you attended that was "super"?

- My best friend's last birthday before becoming a mom.
- A Zumba class that rocked my socks off.
- A yoga class that was incredibly well needed. 

You know?
Day to day life is pretty super indeed. 

2. Something you're a fan of these days?

Athletic things:
Zumba, weights, yoga.

I'm finally reading The Wizard of Oz and LOVE it.
I'm at 5/50 books for my 2013 goal! 10%!

3. Chicken Wings?

Remember that I worked at a
Buffalo Wild Wings
for a very short period of my life?

I've seen more wings than I care to admit to,
and watched more people try and eat them than I ever wanted to.

Note: there is NO graceful or dainty way to eat a wing.
I promise.

I eat them from time to time still,
I prefer them moderately spicy,
or sweet & spicy.

man oh man,
I've seen way too many wings.

4. Thoughts on Lance Armstrong?

I'm disappointed.
I didn't watch any of the interviews,
but I'm really disappointed.

Here's a man who did huge things for his sport
and for cancer research,
and then he goes and makes a mockery of the whole thing.

And now?
Now he's using this confession on Oprah
to bring himself back into the limelight
and all under his own terms and conditions.

I'm just really, really disappointed in the man.

5. A Question you hate to be asked?

So, what are you doing with your life?

also phrased as:

So, what's next?
You need to go back to Grad School, why?
When are you going to get a real job?
Are you ever going to grow up?

Basically: don't ask me questions about my future, please. 

Source: hellolucky.com via B. on Pinterest

6. As an only child, how did you handle competition growing up?

I thrived on competition.
I looked for it everywhere,
and found its' greatest reward through fencing.

I still love it.
Still look for it everywhere.
I'm way too competitive for my own good sometimes.

7. Favorite game involving a ball?

College Basketball
(especially my Tar Heels,
and especially especially when they're playing well
which is not such a common theme this year...)

Soccer, probably.

8. Random Thought:

I came upon this little gem yesterday.

I won't spoil it for you
and will only say to check it out.
No matter what sort of day you're having,
this will make it better. 


  1. Too cute for words!! I love it...haven't seen that before.

    Have a great day!

  2. I love your hodgepodge answers today. Every day is SUPER!

  3. Really enjoyed your answers! You made me smile. Every day is super! I love your random also!
    until next time...nel


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