Saturday, February 9, 2013

I don't know about the rest of you guys, but if you're anywhere in New England you went to sleep with a world looking something like this: 

you're looking at less than one (2.5cm) inch here

And woke up to a world that looks a little like this:

you're looking at drifts of OVER THREE FEET (0.91M) here
Nemo really got us up here in New Hampshire. 

Like in Massachusetts, NH got put on a driving ban last night and today. Which I can't remember ever happening before this storm. But it's smart. I drove home from Maine yesterday morning (when the storm was still just starting) and there were five accidents that I passed.  It was an okay drive, speed limits in ME drop to 45mph max in bad weather and I was probably going 40mph most of the way home on I-95, but I was getting passed constantly like I was standing still on the road! Why people can't slow down is beyond me. I'd rather get home safely than get stuck in a ditch or hit another car or something even worse! On the drive I even called 911 for one SUV that was off the side of the road and in a ditch that had to be about 10+ feet down. The SUV looked fine, but still. The rest of the accidents I passed had cops at them already and most involved more than one car. If the person was hurt in that SUV there would be no one to call 991 for them! But, when I called 91 they said people were on their way, but they always appreciate multiple calls - it means that people are looking out for each other!

Well, it's 1pm and it's still snowing. They're predicting we'll get another few inches before it's over. This is one heck of a storm!

So, I've been spending my last two days in front of a fire, chilling with my parents, napping, and reading! It's been lovely and I've enjoyed it greatly. I am not ready to head back into the real world Monday morning!

Oh, and before I go! Here's some more pictures of snow. Because, really? What else is there to post about today?

I hope everyone who was hit by Nemo, in any way, shape, or form, stayed safe and warm at home!!!

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  1. Ahh I'm not ready to go back either! Can we just go back to college?!


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