Frivolous Fridays {vol.15}

Friday, February 8, 2013

I don't know about you guys,
but this Friday seemed to take forever to get here.
It was a good week, don't get me wrong, it just never wants to end!
(I guess I shouldn't be complaining about time going by slowly, should I?)

But, anyways: It's Friday!
And I totally need this giggle to get me through the day!
Sometimes I forget how awesome and hilarious Tom Hanks is,
and then I see things like this:

...and I remember just why I love him.
Oh, Tom Hanks, you're amazing,
Never Change.

So, what's making you giggle this February Friday?


  1. lol that's hilarious! I would totally do that if I ever won a big award like that! haha! And yay WEEKEND time!!

  2. That is too cute....I love Tom Hanks! Have a nice weekend.


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