Ten Things on Thursday {vol.2}

Thursday, February 7, 2013

So, here we are again! It's Thursday and I've actually managed to remember to do a post on a weekly basis like I said I was going to! We'll have to check in next Thursday and see if I'm keeping up with my Blogging A-Game. 

Also, let me know if you want me to make this into a link up. Like I said, I'm sure there are a million-and-six things out there to link up to on any given Thursday, but if this is it for you. Well, who am I to deny you that? 

Since this past Sunday was the Destiny's Child Reunion Tour Kickoff Super Bowl, we're gonna have a sports related theme this Thursday. So, fasten your seat belts and let's get going...

Ten Things on Thursday: Sports & All Things Athletic

1. I've been a fencer since I was 11 - which, at this point is way over half my life. I've been on-and-off with it since I graduated college (4 year varsity starter at a D1 School and a 3 time NCAA participant!). The "off again" bit is partly due to burnout after college and partly to do with the locations I've been living my life, but no matter what's going on in my day-to-day life I will always consider myself to be a fencer. And, I'm really looking forward to finding myself somewhere soon that I can train on a regular basis again. I miss it and need it in my life.

2. I love my Tar Heels more than most people love their first born child - Okay. Maybe not that much, or even close to that much. But I do love them a lot. All of the time. Especially when they play against Dook. I bleed Carolina blue, people. It's not a joke. Expect a full post on the matter when the Dook game comes around.  

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3. I didn't care one way or another about the Super Bowl this year - Granted, I rarely care about the Super Bowl. I honestly cannot remember one Super Bowl I watched in its entirety. But, there wasn't even a team in this one I'm supposed to care about. I watched it on and off with my computer in my lap. I put my computer down for half time and then I went and cleaned and showered and stuff while checking in on the score (and the power outage) for the second half. 

4. This stems from the fact that I would rather watch a College game over a Professional Game any day - Really. I just like watching people that still  love their sport and have higher aspirations than landing another $1Million onto their paycheck for the year. College kids? They want to go pro, they're trying to prove their worth, and they love their school and are so proud to represent them. No fear of being traded. To me it's just the sport being played the way a sport should be played. 

5. My shin splints are feeling so much better and I credit yoga to that - Like I said last week, the yoga instructor at my new studio has been adding in a lot of stretches to her classes to help me with my shins. And it's been paying off. I ran this past weekend at the gym and was only the tiniest bit sore at the end of it. I'm not even sure that was my shin splints or just my legs being sore post-run. Not being in pain was the most amazing feeling post-workout!

6. I am awful at any sport that requires a racquet and a ball - no hand-eye coordination for this girl. Don't let the fencing accolades fool you, just because I can fence does not mean that I can hit the broad side of a barn with a tennis ball.

7. I am loving Zumba - and I'm still super sad that I only get to go to a class once a week. Because it's so much fun. I love dancing. I love being in a room full of people dancing and having fun. And I love the instructor. She's just so happy all of the time (and not in that fake "I'm a fitness instructor so I have to be perky all!the!time!" way) and it spreads to the whole class. 

8. I am also loving my yoga classes - I really do feel a difference between day one of last week and day one of this week. Stronger. Able to do more. More confident. It's been such an amazing addition to my athletic practice. 

9. If Carolina and Kentucky are playing basketball, chances are my dad and I won't speak for a week - as alums of big name basketball schools, we take our Alma Mater Pride very seriously when it comes to Basketball season. When our two schools play, one has to win (and that should be Carolina). Which means one of us is left out at the end of the game and thus ensues a week of silence between this incredibly tight father-daughter relationship. (Particularly if Kentucky wins because DAD LIKES TO RUB IT IN ALL THE TIME)

10. When I was little (re: 1st Gradeish) all I wanted to be when I grew up was the First Basewoman for the Boston Red Sox - Dream big, little Courtney, DREAM BIG. I still have a little faith that this dream can still come true with a little bit of practice, patience, and pixie dust. 

What about you? Any big things in your week/life/heart about sports? Are you a college or pro sport kinda person? Or did you watch Downton Abbey instead of the Super Bowl? 

What are your top ten things this Thursday? You can use my topic or set your own or just to an eclectic mix of random thoughts. It doesn't matter. Just have fun! 

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  1. love this! love sports! I wanted to be the first basewoman for the Cleveland Indians. We could have played each other! haha!


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