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Friday, August 23, 2013

Why, hello there almost-end-of-the week. Where did you come from so quickly?

But, seriously.

Wasn't it just Monday?

Why does winter feel like a slow jaunt and summer feels like a full-on-sprint?


My car is at Midas right now getting new brakes installed. Which is gonna cost quite a few shiny, pretty pennies.

I thought the purpose of brake pads (aside from making your brakes, you know, work) was to make some obnoxious noise so that you knew when the pads were wearing thin? Apparently not my car's type of brakes.

Of course.


I move back up to work Sunday.

It's been nice having a month-long vacation, but my brain needs a purpose again.

Really. I think I'm starting to go either a) stir-crazy or b) just plain crazy.

One can only binge on Supernatural and  How I Met Your Mother for so long.


My birthday is on Monday.

And I have to work all day. I could totally do with work starting Tuesday...

But, still.... Birthday.

I turn 28.

Holy cannoli, that feels old.

Someone please tell me 28 isn't old

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  1. 28 is not old! Feel better? ;) I turned 24 a couple months ago and even THAT feels old. But really, why should we only consider young to be anything from like teens down? I don't want to be old my whole life. Bleh.

    But Happy Almost Birthday! Hopefully work goes by fast?


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