2013 Reads: Thirty-Three {Wolf-Speaker - Tamora Pierce}

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Some books fall into the second-book-slump.

You know, where the first book in the series is amazing and then the second book just doesn't seem to do the series justice.

Tamora Pierce? Well, she seems immune to this problem that plagues so many series today. She just.... well, she just does her series right.

I loved Wolf-Speaker, in case you were wondering.


In Dunlath Valley, a peaceful and beautiful place, something seems to be off. Where there used to be a sprawling forest there now are spreads of cut down trees and deep holes being dug. The wolves of the region are deeply aware of the changes going on around them and send for the one human they think can help and they know they can trust - Daine.

When Daine arrives with her friends, they find that the situation is much more dire than even the wolves had thought. The balance between animals and humans as well as magic and the kingdom is off - and it is up to Daine and Numair (as well as Kitten, Cloud, and the rest of the friends they make along the way) to figure out how to solve the problem. 


Oh. My. God.

Have I mentioned before that  I want to be Daine when I grow up? Because with each book I read about her, the more that position is solidified in my mind.

She is incredible.

And not just because of the wild magic (I mean, talking to animals is a huge part of it, but still). She is such a strong and powerful young woman - the perfect role model for young girls these days. Her view on the world around her is honest and refreshing - she is willing to learn new things and abandon old beliefs because of her ability to just see the world in all of its convoluted beauty and wonder.  With this comes a lot of growth for our 14 year old protagonist. She really has to step it up and prove herself. With Numair trapped outside the boundary, Daine is truly on her own to solve the problems facing Tortall. And it's just as much about her prooving to herself that she can control her magic and think for herself as it is proving herself to her friends and her country.

The wolves are fantastic - as is Daine's connection to the pack. It was interesting to discover more about Daine's past and what she has been running from. I liked how Pierce delved into the idea of what happens to an animal who has been in contact with Daine - with the lead wolf of the pack taking on human thought patterns and Daine wrestling with the changes. And of course, the Badger - the Immortal who is toying around with Daine (for her protection as well as to prod Daine in the direction of her destiny) - is an ever present force in this novel. It's interesting to watch the two interact - the Badger wants things from Daine, but Daine is still free to make her choices and actions on her own.

I really enjoyed reading this book. Yet again, Tamora Pierce does not disappoint and has delivered a powerful story about a girl, her friends, and the world she wants to protect. I closed the pages of this book and immediately reached for the next in the series. Because? I just have to know what happens. I need Daine to be a part of my life - especially if I can't grow up to be her one day. 


Title: Wolf-Speaker (The Immortals #1)
Author: Tamora Pierce
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, High Fantasy
Medium: Paperback, 281pp
Publisher: Random House 
Date Read: 4 September 2013
Source: Borrowed From Library
Recommended For: Middle School+, YA Lovers, Fantasy Lovers, Lovers of a Strong Female Lead 
Challenges: Goodreads

First Line: The wolves of the Long Lake Pack, gorged on a careless mountain sheep, slept as they digested their meal. 
Favorite Line: I think it's fair rude to make him a tree and not know what kind he is. 
Last Line: Numair tousled her hair. "Let's go home, magelet." [whited out, for spoiler's sake]

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