2013 Reads: Thirty-Two {Wild Magic - Tamora Pierce}

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Because I needed to become invested in another amazing series.

Needed to.

I mean, I couldn't really pass up more Tamora Pierce, could I? And I pretty much consider this series part of the whole Tamora Pierce world, so it's not new-new. Right?


Daine is thirteen years old and, for as long as she can remember, she's had a special connection with animals. It's not, however, until she is forced to leave her family home that she realizes it's more than a connection - it's magic.

Taking on a job with the Queen's Riders, Daine meets the master mage Numai and becomes his student. Numair realizes that Daine's magic is a special type of magic - rare and powerful - called 'Wild Magic.' It allows Daine to speak to animals as well as to bend their will to hers (something she is reluctant to do).

With Numair's help Daine becomes more comfortable and confident in her abilities. But with her magic she begins to sense other beings too: Immortals. These are bloodthirsty monsters that have been trapped in the Divine Realms for centuries.

Now someone has broken the barrier and these creatures have been unleashed on the world and it is up to Daine and her friends - both human and animal - to protect Tortall, and in reality the world, from their attacks. 


I'm fairly certain that if I had read these books when I was younger I would have wanted to be Daine when I grew up.

Scratch that.

Who am I kidding? I still want to be Daine when I grow up.

Being able to talk to animals? Yep, still want that power. Working for the Queen's Riders? Hello, dream job! Taught how to work with her magic by Numair? Yes, please. Cloud? I want that horse. 

She is just such a strong, collected, and compassionate character and I found myself constantly in awe of her dedication to those she cares for. I love hew relationship with Onua is such a rock for her life. Because, really, Daine has had it a little rough. And it's so nice to see her have that sort of relationship in her life. When she saves Numair and he is transformed back into a man from a bird, Daine is given the gift of knowing a little more about who she is - something she has clearly been struggling with. And then you add in Alanna and the friendship formed there, and all of a sudden Daine goes from a loner to completely encompassed in a new sort of family. Sure, she works hard. But all of those who meet her come to love and value her. Something Daine hasn't known in a long time.

One thing that I really appreciated about this book is that Daine is treated as she is - a 13 year old girl. The romance that is ever-present in YA these days is absent within these pages. Sure, I got all giglly crushy on Numair, but I'm allowed that as a reader. But Daine? Daine is an insecure, hopeful 13 year old. When she gets into Tortall and moves into the castle she makes friends, begins to learn her new environment, and starts to learn her newly discovered magic. That is Daine's world. This book is true to itself and true to its characters and I am so appreciate of that.


Title: Wild Magic (The Immortals #1)
Author: Tamora Pierce
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, High Fantasy
Medium: Paperback, 362 pp
Publisher: Tandem Library Books 
Date Read: 28 August 2013
Source: Borrowed From Library
Recommended For: Middle School+, YA Lovers, Fantasy Lovers, Lovers of a Strong Female Lead 
Challenges: Goodreads

First Line: Each year, at the end of March, a great fair was held in Cria, the capital of Galla. 
Favorite Line: "Does your ma know you're this silly?" ... "The few grey hairs she has on her head are my doing. But I send her plenty of money, so she can have them dyed!" ... "I hope she beat you as a child." 
Last Line: Welcome to Tortall. [whited out, for spoiler's sake]

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