2013 Reads: Forty-Four {The Realms of the Gods - Tamora Pierce}

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

This is such an amazing closing to a wonderful series. 

Seriously, this was just such a fun and perfect way to close out Daine's story. 

And, I would still very much like to be Daine. Thanks. 


During a particularly frightful battle with Skinners, the wild mage Daine and her mentor Numair are swept up into the Divine Realms. While they are grateful to be alive, they are anxious to make their way back to Tortall. They need to get back so that they can fight against Orzorne and  his army of strange Immortals.

While in the Divine Realms Daine is finally faced with her parentage. And she must come to terms with where her future path will take her. But, for now, she and Numair must survive their trip back to Tortall. And, if they make it home, all of Tortall will depend on Daine and her Wild Magic. 


I absolutely adored the way this series ended. Wandering around the Divine Realms with Daine and Numair made me realize just how powerful the characterization was in these novels. Yes, there were Immortals and yes there were newly introduced characters, but it's the core set of characters from Totrall that I love so much. And all of them seemed to have made an appearance in this book. And each time I was just so overwhelmed, as if it were an old friend I hadn't seen in a while. Even the characters, like Jon and Alana, who are sort of ever-present in these books, made me realize just how much of a family all of these characters are. Tamora Pierce is a genius, I tell you.

I loved how we finally got to meet Daine's parents - and to see what actually happened to her mother. Yes, I feel like we all knew all along who/what her father was - but it was nice for him to finally be revealed. And it was even nicer that he is kind and caring and loves Daine the way only a father could. Because, really? That could have gone a totally different way. And the end of the book? The decision Daine has to make? I do not envy her for that - I'm not even sure what I would do in that situation.

And there are more dragons! Really, really awesome dragons with dramatic dragon politics and hierarchies. I really loved Pierce's take on the dragons - which, after Kitten, I knew I would if we ever got to meet another dragon. And I am so glad we got to meet another dragon. More dragons, I say! And the ink blots? I loved them - and the whole thought process behind them. To be made one way, but to be able to ultimately have control over your own destiny and purpose.  These little guys were the best - and every time we lost one of them my heart broke a little.

However, the climax and the final battle are not all that enveloping or exciting. I feel like it's because we miss so much of what's happening before the battle that it's hard to get into the fight. Being in the Divine Realms makes it hard to get too attached to the hardships going on back at home in Tortall. We spend the whole book wanting to get back that it feels as though that's the whole point of the book. The battle afterwards seems almost like an afterthought. Which is probably the only disappointing part of the novel for me. I expected more for the end of Orzone's terror than this, I guess.

Each time I read one of Tamora Pierce's books I'm saddened that I didn't read them when I was younger. Because, really? I've said it a number of times. Younger Courtney would have been all about these books. I probably would have played make believe where I was Daine and I could talk to all of my pets like they were people (wait, I already did that - I just didn't have a name to give myself). But, Adult Courtney is in love with this world enough to make it up to Younger Courtney. You can bet I'll be reading these books again in the future. 


Title: The Realms of the Gods (The Immortals #4)
Author: Tamora Pierce
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, Magic, SciFi, 
Medium: Paperback, 339pp
Publisher: Simon Pulse (January 2006)
Date Read: 15 December 2013
Source: Borrowed from the Library
Recommended For: Middle School +, Tamora Pierce Fans, Those Who Love Dragons, 
Challenges: Goodreads, 

First Line: A magical barrier had separated the realms of the gods from the mortal realms for over four hundred years. 
Favorite Line: She staggered over to him. "I hurt too much to be dead."
Last Line:  Somehow, she had the idea that not everyone would understand.[whited out, for spoiler's sake]

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