When You're Too Busy Looking Down, You Don't See The Chances You Miss

Sunday, May 4, 2014

I know I've been a little absent these days. Sorry world.

I've been busy.

I was caught up so many things these last few months. First I got to revel in my acceptance to a PhD program in Montreal which I am super excited about (more information on that later)! Then I spent a lot of time at home with my family just taking life easy and enjoying the amazing relationship you get to have with your parents in your adult life. And then I got caught up in a month long road-trip which took me to North Carolina and Tennessee and many other places. Reconnecting with so many old friends and making a hand full of new ones. Then I returned to work and have been traversing across New England working with kids on life-skills and character education. And then working with combat veterans and their families.

Life has been insane. But it's been amazing. I've been living my life these days as in-person as possible and not through the lens of my phone or computer. And that, that's the way I want to spend more of my days.

Which really makes me love this campaign that's making its way around the internet these days:

We're a generation of idiots - smart phones, dumb people. I honestly had tears in my eyes throughout this whole video - not just the part that shoved all sorts of feelings in your face. And yes, it totally hits you with the feelings - hard

This is such a brilliant reminder about the type of people we should all desire to grow up to be. We should aspire to be the type of person who presses the power-off button on all of their technology and the power-on button to their lives. We should be fully present in the world around us - and should show the children in our lives exactly how great of a reward that can be.

We should be the generation who LOOKS UP.

And no, the irony of posting this video and this message on a social media site is not lost on me. But, please know, if I disappear again for a while it's not because I'm not reading or not doing anything interesting worth reporting - it's probably that I'm off reading or experiencing or enjoying.

I'm probably off LOOKING UP. 

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  1. Wow ... There are a lot we missed already in our life and daily I think now !! ... Thanks for telling us to not wasting much more time ! ... :)


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