All You Need As Love Swap {BONUS}

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chaos Theory

First of all,
in case I haven't said it enough yet:

Sam, Neely, and I have seriously been overwhelmed (in a good way!) over the sheer amount of {LOVE} you guys have put into this Challenge & Swap! Really! So many link-ups, so many sweet comments, so many new blogs found! It's been seriously amazing! I cannot believe it is over!

And also a huge

to Sam & Neely!
I have loved hosting this with you two!
You girls are AMAZING -
and I am so glad to have found both your blogs - and you two too!
I'm gonna say - let's do this again,
but let's do it in a few months,
what do you say?
My fingers need a vacation from the 250+ comment weeks ;)

So - here's your last chance to link up:
post about your swap presents when they get to you -
take pictures, link it to your partner -
and share!

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