The One Where I Went on A Trip, And Remembered To Write About It

Friday, February 4, 2011

No, I'm not finishing the Vienna Post just yet.
Or telling you about that trip I took to Rome (before Christmas) yet either.

But instead: the trip I took last weekend!
There's something fun about not going in any sort of order.
I was just realizing I haven't really posted anything about my life lately.
Things about me, sure, in the form of fill-in things.
But nothing really about me.
I'm a bad narcissist. Sorry.
I'll work on it more, I swear.

So, Sunday late morning
(after a lot of coaxing from my friend Laura)
I left my hermitage dorm room and
we met our other friend, James, at the train station.
Where were we headed?
This cute little Hungarian City called Vác.
They're known particularly for some mummies.
No. Really.

An old Dominican Church was sealed up a long while back
and they were renovating the church in 1994 and they discovered the sealed off crypt. They found, in perfect condition, some sealed hand-painted wooden coffins complete with perfectly mummified remains inside them. Their clothes, their rosaries, the burial shrouds -everything was in perfect condition. The conditions down there in the crypt were apparently perfect for this to occur. The lids to these coffins were beautiful, and they even had three of the mummies on display. The link up there has some pretty awesome pictures (no photography allowed inside - so none of my own).

They're also known for their cute Baroque style city center, a huge cathedral (which seems really out of place in such a quaint city), a prison (still functioning) where they used to house communist prisoners (and was reputed as being the most cruel of the prisons of the time), and a triumphant arc (built for a visit by Maria Theresa).

I'll stop talking and let the pictures do the rest for me:

I'm so glad I went,
it was just the cure for too much work and stress.
Good times with good friends,
blue skies and pretty colored buildings,
a walk along the Danube,
and just taking a moment to enjoy the fact that
I get to live in Europe.
Sometimes you need a reminder to be thankful.

What are you thankful for this week?


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