Sunshine & Smiles

Sunday, February 6, 2011

In case you had somehow managed to forget:
The All You Need Is Love Blog Challenge
starts tomorrow!!!
I know I can't wait! Topics can be found here.

In other news:
the sun is shining
and the skies are blue
here in what I've often called
'Gloomy Budapest of February'

Too bad I'll be doing a lot of work all day,
but I've got my window open
and the sun is shining in,
so that's more than nothing, right?

I hope the sun is shining where you are,
and that you are happy today,
even if there is no reason to be,
just let it be!

[all images from weheartit]


  1. I found you via the Love Blog Challenge. And, I'm your 100th follower! How exciting! :)

  2. Trying to stay happy every single day and if I fail, I try to find at least one thing that makes me smile! ;)

    Hope you had a fantastic day.


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