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Monday, November 7, 2011

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Thanks ALL!
  • I made a blog button & it's respective grab button all by myself! It's over in the right hand column of the blog. Grab it, okay? And then put it on your blog or wherever. Because, why? I'm so dang proud of myself for actually making it!
  • I've started my new job. Last night in fact. Waitressing. Yes, something I said I'd never do. But, hey? The place? It seems really fun - high energy, loud, and 73 TVs to watch games on while working. I can see a lot of Carolina games worked in my future. And, I'm looking forward to having something to do and money in my pocket.
  • I don't like daylight savings time. Yes, the extra hour of sleep was nice. But I miss my daylight. I hate when it's dark at 3:30 in the afternoon.
  • THE GRINCH WHO STOLE CHRISTMAS WAS ON TBS LAST NIGHT! I'm so miffed about this I can't even explain. You do realize it's not even Thanksgiving yet, right? I mean, yes, go start your Christmas shopping, get your red cups (I know I have), whatever. But this is going to make me sick of Christmas before the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.
  • Writing personal statements & statements of purpose for PhD programs? I hate it. It's like selling yourself on purpose to the Devil. Well, maybe not that. But you have to figure out how to brag about yourself without sounding like you're bragging about yourself. It's a test in patience & fortitude if I've ever gone through one.
  • I want to start Ballroom Dancing, Fencing, and Aerial Acrobatics again soon. Or at least 1-2 of them. Really. I miss them.
  • I've been going to the gym 3-5 times a week since I joined 3 weeks ago. I love it. I love testing my body, expanding what it can do. And to be honest? I miss the way I felt about my body when I was in college (who says that, really?). Being a varsity athlete at UNC meant 3+ hours of practice a day - it was intense, and I miss the way I felt then. I'm not sure I can fit 3+ hours into my schedule at the gym these days, but I want to put enough time in to get the results I want. Yaknow?
  • I need a haircut. Bad.
  • There are a killer pair of red platform velvet pumps at Target that I am lusting after. Anyone want to get them for me?


  1. Look at you with your brand new look here! I think everyone needs to waitress or work retail at some point.

    Plugging my ears about the Grinch. Ridiculous!

  2. Getting paid to watch Carolina games?? Awesome. Although people will probably want food and such during the games but whatevs.

    Grinch already?? Oh heck no. Insanity.


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