Friday Fancies: Jungle Fever

Friday, November 4, 2011

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Thanks ALL!

So, that post I just posted?
About Friday Fancies?
About Lilly Pulitzer?

Let me remind you...

Well, here's exactly what I'd get if I could.
(PS. OMG - have you seen the collection?
I mean, really?

(click to enlarge)

As you can see,
though the contest said we only needed 2 Lilly pieces,
I couldn't help but make the whole outfit out of it.
I mean, how precious is all of that?
I like it cause it really hase that 'jungle' feel to it -
with the print of the dress (1) & the elephant(3) for luck.
I had to add a little sea in too, with the coral necklace (4),
becuase, well, I LOVE the ocean,
and can't stand to be too far away!
And those shoes (2)!!!
Those need to be mine, now, thank you.

Leave me a comment with a link to your Friday Fancies!
I want to drool at all your combinations too!

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