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Thursday, November 3, 2011

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A few weeks ago on a Wednesday I posted something along the lines of "I MISS YOU! WHEN DO I GET TO SEE YOU!?!?!" on my old college roommate Morgan's wall.

You see, it's been two years since I had seen her. Which is far, far too long in either of our books. She was my roommate. We had scheduled nap-times most days in college. We had the best dorm room I had ever seen (hello holiday decorations, cozy blankets and pillows everywhere, and year-round Christmas lights to give the room a soft glow). And she and I just all around had (and still have!) and amazing bond - a friendship that can go two years without much contact and still be rock-solid. Needless to say, I love the girl, and I missed her!

About 20 minutes after posting that on her wall, I get a phone call.

"Want to come to Boulder tomorrow?"

It's important to note here that Morgan is a flight attendant, so she could do crazy things like fly me out to Boulder from New Hampshire for about $100 at the drop of a hat.

And just like that I flew out to Boulder on Friday (so, it wasn't the tomorrow we had hoped for, but I had stuff to get done on Thursday). It was an AMAZING adventure, an experience in the toils of flying standby, and a seriously awesome way to spend a weekend with an old friend. Things picked up like they had never been put on pause, and we just giggled and hung out for three days.

Here's the evidence:

what else says fall like a good corn maze & pumpkin patch?

Sunday morning Mimosas & Breakfast

Did I mention just how beautiful this place is?

Leaps of joy in Red Rocks :)

Roomies Reunited :)

So, on the way home it was almost impossible to get on a flight back to Boston. So I routed through DC and decided (well, the airlines decided for me, really) to have a day extra layover in DC. Where I got to see my other college Roommate and one of my favorite friends from the fencing team at UNC. It made an already awesome vacation simply amazing.

I really, honestly, love this city.

finally made it to the Korean War Memorial

love this girl too!

And there you have it! How a weekend of no plans becomes a whirlwind tour of visiting both of my old college roomates. It's great to have such awesome people in your life. It's really hard when people start to spread out and get immersed in their new, busy lives. But it's so wonderful to have the chance to drop in and have a visit.

Friends and Family are, in fact, what makes life meaningful.

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  1. How fun! My dad grew up in Colorado and my grandparents had a beautiful farm that looked out to the Rockies-so gorgeous!


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