January HodgePodge

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I know I say this every single time I link up to the HodgePodge with Joyce, but, I really should do this more often! I Love these questions :)

1. A new Miss America was crowned. Did you watch? What would your talent be?

I did not watch, it's not really my cup of tea, if you will.
But, if I were to be a contestant my talent would have to be the aerial acrobatics I loved: either on the silks or the trapeze. What Miss America has done that?

2. Do you have houseplants? Real or fake?

Real, but not that many.
Not that I can't take care of them,
I actually don't know why I didn't have that many.

3. What type of student were you in school?

An obnoxious one that knew all the answers
and wanted to ask the teacher a million questions.
Seriously, I was (am?) Hermione Granger.

4. What Chinese food is your go-to?

General Tso's.
Hands down.

5. How do you define a miracle?

When the odds are seriously not in something's favor,
and it happens anyways.

6. What is your favorite Disney song?

Seriously Joyce?
You want me to pick just one?

7. I should have ____ yesterday!

gone to bed earlier

8. Random Thought

I have an addiction: buying books.
The newest sub-genere of this is cooking magazines.
I am a sucker for them, especially if:
- they're specifically for crockpots
- they're themed for a holiday
- they're hearty and healthy
It's kinda becoming a problem.


  1. You can never have too many books : ) If I were writing my answers today I'd say the same for #7. When my husband is traveling and I'm home alone I stay up waaaay too late.

  2. Two things have helped me with my book obsession. I get many books from the library, so kinder to my pocket book and it does not add to clutter. Another is the Nook. I love it!


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