On A Quest

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I'm in such a blogging rut.

There. I've said it. It's out in the open and therefore now I can deal with it rather than hiding behind a lack of posts.

But I'm still here, promise!

Seriously, I may as well be in a self imposed blog-witness-protection program. I get frustrated with having nothing exciting to write, so I shut down my online footprint. It's silly, I know. But it's what happens.

You see, a year ago I was frolicking happily around Europe (okay, freezing around Europe and complaining about the lack of sun, but still - that was exciting). And now? Here I am, back at home waiting tables and just living day-by-day. With nothing really that exciting to write about.

I'm the girl that needs big!things! to be happening all the time. I crave the excitement of living a life less ordinary. Of doing fun and exciting and different things. Not waiting tables and getting so.dang.frustarated. with the crap that goes along with waiting tables (that's another post entirely, maybe Sam (who has another new blog, by the way) and I can tag-team that later. goodness, it's worse than a high school).

But, there are big things in the works.

I've sent out all my PhD applications - so hopefully (and cross your fingers!) something will be coming of that in the next few months. I've applied to three pretty big schools. I don't want to talk too many details right now because a) I don't want to jinx it, and b) I don't want to get too excited/attached to the idea of going for my PhD if it's not going to happen.

I also want to start some sort of regular posts - something to keep up with. Something that ties this whole 'blogging' thing together more than just 'the life of Courtney.' Who knows. My life is kinda awesome, so maybe that's theme enough!

Basically? I just need to get out of the country again. I'm missing Budapest (except for the grey skies, I will never miss those grey skies) and the people and life I left there like woah lately (but not the crazy government crap that's going on there right now. Nope, am glad to be away from that!).


  1. thanks for the tag lady!

    As for my blogging rut, I have been looking for the blogable stories in everyday life... little things that are so mundane that they oddly make good blog posts. But since I had done so much whining about my job and crap with my dad at my old blog, I was just, once again, looking for a fresh start to sort of go with my more serious new year's resolutions.

    As I tweeted, I would toootally be up for co-blogging about SOMETHING. Definitely have lots to share about waiting tables, but, like I said... I'm not sure there's much of a blogging market for it, you know? lol. We can think on that one though!

  2. Have you read The Art of Coming Home by Craig Storti. I highly recommend. You will feel less like you are crazy : ) Repatriating is a process...I've been back two years yet there are days I still struggle to make peace with it. We are at home here now but a little piece of me will always be there and that's okay. I am ready for a little adventure too. Good luck with your PhD apps!


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