Marching to the Beat of the HogePodge

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It's Wednesday.
Which means it's HodgePodge time.
Want to link up too?
Well, what are you waiting for?

1. Do you fill out restaurant surveys?

Not really.
If I have a really great experience or a really terrible one I will.
Or if it gets me something for filling it out that is worth my while.

My mom is serious about doing them though.
Free donuts galore at Dunkin' Donuts for this family!

2. The ban on Women in Combat Zones has been lifted. What say you?

I say, go USA.

Do I like that I could get sent to the front lines? 

But, for women to be treated equal to men 
we have to be treated equal in all areas of life,
and not pick and chose where we want our equality.

Women can serve and protect just as well as men,
so, why shouldn't they be given the real opportunity to do that?

I think the only thing we may see come of this -
and may is an important word, as I see this is as only being a potential thing -
is a lower enrollment of women in the military.

3. Favorite Post Title?

It translates to: 
Budapest, I Love You

Because, this is the moment I realized just how much I loved my city.
And, it's just such a pretty title,
and intriguing to our American English reading eyes.

4. What's worse: Overly pessimistic parents or Overly protective parents? 
What about your parents? Did they fall into either category?

This is a hard one because I don't think these are comparable things,
You're not one or the other.
And frankly a lot of parents tend to be both.

So, I think both are worse.

Overly pessimistic parents teach their kids that nothing is good enough
and that everything that could go wrong will/may go wrong.

While overly protective parents don't give their kids the opportunity to fail
and therefore don't give their kids the opportunity to recover from their failures and grow.

My parent's weren't either.
They were so optimistic for me and my life - which I am grateful.
And while protective, they weren't over protective.
They let me make my mistakes, 
and let me learn from them,
while helping me clean up whatever mess I made.

I am forever grateful for the way I was raised and the people who raised me.

5. Favorite: Candlelight/Firelight/Moonlight/Bright Lights in the Big City?

There is nothing better in the world than sitting by a campfire at night.
The glow, the sounds, the warmth.
And the people you're surrounded with when you're there.

6. Dr. Seuss's Birthday was Saturday: Favorite Book as a Kid? 
Favorite Seuss Book as a Kid?
How important were books in your childhood?

If you've read my blog, you know that reading is a huge part of my life,
and has been since I was a little, little child.

We're talking flashlight under the covers to the early hours of morning.
That's how important reading has always been to me.
Except now I don't have to hide under the covers because I set my own bedtime.
Yay for being an adult. Kinda.

But, First Favorite Book as a Child:

Other Most Important Childhood Book:

Favorite Seuss Book:

7. Share something funny you've seen/read/heard recently. 

This is my new motivation for running:

Source: via Bethany on Pinterest

8. Random Thought:

I cannot get over how hillarious and real
Jennifer Lawrence is, seriously.
I adore her.


  1. I think if a woman wants to be on the front line it should be her choice! Yes both type of parents can be dangerous. Ryan and a puppy.... now that's something worth running for. I love Jennifer Lawrence too. Have a great day.

  2. This is such a good post! I love Jennifer Lawrence too and I also agree on the whole women can serve at the front line thing. Although I'm not American it's a good step forward for women's equality.

  3. I love your running motivation! And, I thought Jennifer Lawrence was great in "Silver Lining Playbook" (although her running motivation was Bradley Cooper - not bad either! )

  4. Ha-love that running motivation! And I'm a big Jennifer Lawrence fan too.

    That was a nice comment about your parents-do they read your blog? I hope so : )

  5. I was also a "flashlight reader" and the library was my second home.

    When I was almost grown I would read to my niece and nephew. One of their favorite books was Go, Dog, Go! I got it on cassette for them. The sound effects are great.


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