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New around here? Want to read some of my older posts that I love? Here's a good place to start. This is a selection of my favorite posts: ones that highlight my travels, ones that I'm proud to have written, or ones that mark important parts of my life. I hope that this selection of posts gives you a sense of who I am and where I've come from. 

Come And Find Me [Josh Ritter]: Not my first post, but it's pretty much where this story begins. How I put my medical dreams on hold (again), why I would be doing so, and trying to figure out if that made me crazy. 

On Almost Any Sunday Morning [Counting Crows]: Budapest, Day One. I think this line sums it up best: "But, as I am an adventurer first and a coward second, I made my way from beneath my sheets and got ready to start my day". 

America [Neil Diamond: On how to still have Thanksgiving (complete with Turkey and stuffing!) away from America. And how to share that holiday with others. 

An Eulogy For An Old Friend: When my mom had to put her (second) horse down, it hit me pretty hard. Animals occupy a place in our heart that is so much more than the title of 'pet' can describe. They are family, friends, companions, and loved ones. That's what this post is about, losing a piece of the family. 

Alive [Pearl Jam]: I fence. So, naturally, I've been fencing in Budapest. 

The World We Live In [The Killers]: Or, how Budapest can get cold and depressing in the winter. I try to be honest when I write these posts, tell you how it is to live here instead of back in the states. This post is brutally, brutally honest. 

For Haiti: It seems everyone had their piece to say about the disaster in Haiti. I did too. I've always believed that even if you have nothing, you have something to give. A hug, a smile, a penny, or your time. No matter how low you may feel, there is always someone lower - and it is your responsibility, as a fellow human being, to help them. Haiti needed our help, and together we've only just started to lend a hand. 

Suddenly I See [KT Turnstall]: Another post on fencing in Budapest, actually on not-fencing in Budapest. But this really explains my mentality with the sport and how bummed I am to not have been fencing since Christmas.

Budapest, Szeretlek: Translation: Budapest, I love you. On how ever so slowly a place takes on the role of a character in the story of your life. It gets under your skin. It becomes a part of you.

Je Vois La Vie En Rose: How can you not love a post on Paris, full of pictures?

On Turning 25: I finally hit the quarter of a century mark. In this post you can read the top twenty-five lessons I have learned in my lifetime. Well, maybe not "top 25," but still, they're all pretty important.

Fish Soup: Or, the power of food. Even when you're far from home. 

His Holiness The Dalai Lama: You GUYS! The Dalai Lama SMILED AT ME! SMILED! 

Good Life [One Republic]: In which an amazing moment of my life happens. My Great Aunt, who was hospitalized, was taken off her ventilator and was alert and held my hand. I didn't know it at the time, but that amazing interaction would be our final goodbye. 

Travel Suggestions: Because I travel. A lot. And these are things you learn along the way. And really? These are for your average traveller, for those who never travel, the lot.

Happiness Is...: This one is simple: a list of things that make me happy. But I like going back to it for a smile from time to time.

Carnivale di Venezia: I went to Carnival. In Venice. For 12 hours. I rode a bus there and back, 12 hours each way. It was amazing.

26 Lessons for 26 Years: I've learned a lot in 26 years it seems.

43 Years Strong: I love my parents. And their relationship. Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad!

Heartbroken: Where I say goodbye to the amazing man who has been like a Grandfather to me for my whole life.  

A Tennessee Wedding: In which one of my oldest and bestest friends gets married.

Welcome Home, Soldiers: I worked for a week with Vietnam Veterans. I think I got more out of it than they did - it was that amazing of an experience. These are wonderful people who were treated awful for no reason at all. We had one heck of a week and I feel privileged to have been a part of it. 

2012 End of Year Book Survey: This is a list of questions with my answers about my reading life in 2012. It pretty much sums up that a few book in particular can have a huge impact on your year. 

Love-A-Thon: Letter To Myself: I participated in a Book Blogging Love-A-Thon that allowed me to reach out into the book blogging community a little more. This letter to myself was one of the challenges set up over the 24 hours. I think it really speaks to me as a reader and a blogger. 

Coming Home: This post had been brewing in my heart for a while. Sometimes coming home from abroad can be harder than leaving or living away from home. Here I am, two years later, and I'm pretty sure coming home is getting harder, not easier. 

[Updated: 13 April 2013]

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