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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oh, I'm a bad blogger. Sorry.

Remember way back when when I wrote this post?

Well, yeah, I'm going to get to that now :) Finally, three months later. No biggie. I mean, I got sidetracked by the arrival of the sunshine, school, surviving final papers, trips to North Carolina, and Paris. Can you really blame me?

Also, I'm hoping that you will use me answering these questions to ask me some more. Please? And I promise, next time I will not take three months to answer them. Pinky-swear.
Okay, here we go:

Emily, from "Adventures Through Life and Love," asked me:

Why did you decide to go to Budapest?

Coming to Budapest was a real random decision.

A professor of mine had come to the university I presently study at in Budapest to be a part of a summer lecture series. He was perhaps my favorite professor at Carolina and one of the only ones I've stayed in contact with since graduating. While working at Carolina I was granted the opportunity to take a class each semester on the University's budged (an awesome perk of working for the state!) and took a few classes with him. He, unsatisfied with my decision to just pick up a job after college, recommended this program as a way to keep my brain from atrophying.

I, on a whim, threw an application together. And long after forgetting about it, got a response for a phone interview, and then an offer of acceptance (for two years, instead of the one year program I applied for). Now, Medieval history is not exactly what I picture my life being about - as my posts on going on to medical school will show, but there was no real reason to pass up two (relatively) free years in Europe.

About a month later I resigned from my job and moved all my worldly possessions back into my parents house (oh, what an adventure that was), and packed my bags for Budapest. The rest, as they say, is history.

How long are you planning on staying there?

Though this city is growing on me day by day, I can't see my stay here extending beyond the two years of school. It's a great city, but I'm partial to the States and American food :)

Joyce, from "From This Side of the Pond," asked me:

What do you hope to be doing in three years?

Woah, yeah, this is a loaded question. I think of my life as an example of a John Mayer lyric:

I'm bigger than my body gives me credit for.

That doesn't answer your question? Well, I'm hopefully going to be applying for some post-bacc programs so I can apply to medical school in a few years. That would put me on the verge of starting med school in three years. Part of me just wants to move to LA and run into some famous director who would just love to have me star in his next feature flick (for some reason, moving to Cali has been on the back of my mind for the past two weeks. It came out of nowhere and it won't leave my brain). So who knows, maybe I'll forsake medicine for a chance at fame. Or maybe I'll go to Cali for a post-bacc and just stumble into the other dream? Or maybe I'll get conned into a PhD from someone or somewhere?

The short answer? I have no freeking idea.

So, that's that, for now. Please, ask more questions. I like this, it's fun!


  1. Maybe you could go to med school in Calif and have the best of both worlds? Although I don't know if directors and med students hang out in the same places.

  2. Is Paris really as romantic as I think it is?


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