So Much Sweat

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A while ago I wrote a post about a new love affair with Bikram Yoga. And a few weeks ago I wrote about how I was going back a lot more recently. And here's the real deal about it: I love it.

Honestly. I never thought I could be that sort of person who loves yoga and goes on to everyone about just how amazing 90 minutes can make you feel. How much of a difference it can make in a day. Heck. In your life.

It's sweaty {like, sweat literally dripping off you constantly sweaty} and it's hard to breathe at first. But you get over it. Your body adapts to it and learns how to work in that sort of environment. It stretches you. It works your muscles. It works your heart. It's one of the most amazing workouts I've ever experienced. I'm sore for days after - but not in that ugh, what did I do to myself? sort of sore, but rather dang, that felt good.

And the rest of my life outside the studio?

It's improved my running so much. Where I used to feel like I was breathing in all the wrong places when I ran, I now feel like I'm keeping things even. Using my breath to help me run. My hips are looser so my strides are more even. I imagine my fencing, once I really get back to in in earnest, will have improved a lot as well.

My knees and shoulders are so much happier with me. Which is saying a lot considering all the hell I went through in college with those two joints. This makes life a lot easier, let me tell you.

And me? I find that I'm a lot happier and more focused on what is important to me. The endorphins explode out of you and then say with you for hours after. Seriously. All this new-age, hipster, OM!, whatever stuff aside. Bikram is a serious deterrent for anxiety and depression. You give yourself over to just you for 90 minutes of intense work and focus. You leave behind everything at the door, even if you don't want to because it really, really has no place in the hot room.

So basically? Try it. Really.

Any questions? Just ask. I'm no yogi by any means, but I can give you my honest opinion on the matter.

Namaste. :)

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